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The Czajkowski company is a team of 56 specialists in various fields of the agricultural industry. Only in 2022 our machines sowed an area of ​​more than 115,000 hectares in Poland alone.

We specialize in the production of agricultural machines adapted to running a farm in a modern and effective strip tillage system, more widely known as the Strip Till technology. The flagship product of our company are ST series strip tillage aggregates intended for medium and large-area farmers and STK series machines for small-area farmers.

In addition to the production of aggregates for strip cultivation, we also produce proprietary sowing systems adapted to soil cultivation in the Strip Till system.
We also test all solutions on our own 750 hectare farm.




Strip tillage allows you to obtain and maintain soil properties beneficial for agriculture, increase the efficiency and profitability of plant cultivation, and at the same time protect the environment.

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