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Strip-till based agricultural service

An innovative agricultural service based on the strip-till technology

This innovative agricultural service based on the strip-till technology involves preparing a clean strip prepared for crops sowing including the following steps, performed in a single machine pass:

  • forecrop splitting,
  • soil cutting down to the depth of 10 cm,
  • additional splitting is optional for double sowing of maize,
  • soil loosening and aerating down to the depth of 35 cm,
  • fertiliser application,
  • gap closing,
  • soil surface compaction and levelling,
  • plant sowing,
  • levelling the soil surface (for peas and wheat sowing).

Strip-till enthusiasts point to the many advantages of this form of cultivation. These include deep loosening in the growth zone of the root system, faster soil heating in the cultivated strip, localised and more efficient fertilisation, reduction of weed growth and prevention of soil clay and dust particle loss – responsible for the soil sorption complex (the so-called wind erosion). They also point out the numerous disadvantages of conventional cultivation compared to strip-tillage. The most commonly cited ones include low yield and high energy consumption, formation of plough pan and caking, pulling weed seeds, stones and dead soil, decreased soil capacity, excessive drying of the arable layer and destruction of the natural protective layer of the soil. However, the biggest advantage of strip-till are the high savings, which include lower fuel and seed consumption, as well as fewer machines used for cultivation.

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